Thursday, April 28, 2011

Branding VS Identity

A very common misconception that companies have when taking that first step of establishing themselves is that they perceive their identity and brand as the same thing...and usually they think a logo with a tagline. Sometimes, as designers, it can be hard to convey your message when trying to help that person understand the difference between the two, and why each should be treated separately. Hopefully this post can help a little!

IDENTITY: This is a culmination of factors. It starts with your logo and is carried out through any sort of advertisements and mediums, it's: the colors, shapes, fonts, words, and the look and feel that your company creates as its presentation of itself to the world.

BRAND: This is a more abstract subject and is best explained by this metaphor; your brand is raised almost in the way that a child is raised. You can guide, coach, and set plans in place to help sculpt your brand. At the end of the day though, you have to be able to adapt as the world around your brand changes. In a sense, your brand can be seen as the feelings and emotions that are invoked when the public thinks of your company.

Hope this helps!

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