Wednesday, January 26, 2011

meet us!

we recently put together our bios and we are so excited about how they fit each of us so well! If you've just started hanging out with us on the interwebs.... we hope these give you a little insight about who Huckleberry is and why we do what we do!

Anna puts semicolons where they belong and makes sure we all use our adverbs correctly. She's big on list making and cookie baking. She helps choose colors and fonts and has been known to read three books in a matter of days in the name of design research. She gained these mad fact finding skills at St. Edward’s University where she earned her BA in global affairs. She also loves to make things pretty for social shindigs and soirees. 

Her heart leaps for dachshunds, flowers and dessert.

Chels makes a mean playlist and menus too! If your throwing a soiree, she's the master of coordination and all things that make you smile. She's also got a knack for killer marketing strategies that grew from her Communications degree from the University of Houston where she studied Media Production, Interdisciplinary Art, and she threw in a few years of learning at the Conrad N. Hilton School of Hotel and Restaurant Management. She helps design print goods and is currently curating a handmade/vintage collection for the Huckleberry Shoppe. 

She fancies the color teal, our digital lumberjack and typography.

Will is a virtuoso of web design and woodworking. He's basically our resident digital lumberjack. He's got a slew of ideas to help brand your company and a keen eye for design. He creates and codes websites and keeps everyday Huckleberry business running smoothly. With a bachelor’s in marketing from the McCombs School of business at UT Austin, he's learned to keep the client's branding and goals on path. 

He's mad about building, sweet tea and gangsta rap.

Let us be your Huckleberry! 

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