Tuesday, January 11, 2011

fonts we love

a collection of fonts we're loving lately and why:

1. futura I like this font because of how adaptable it and its variations are to the area around it. In the right execution, it can be serious, playful, muted, informative, or loud.

2. mesquite Because I'm from Texas that's why! You always know a western font when you see it, and fonts like this are constantly cool or overused, to me that means it'll be here for some time. I also love seeing western style fonts used in a non-western concept, keeps it fun.

3. museo slab 500 I like to see (fairly) understated fonts like museo slab paired with more in-your-face fonts like mesquite or romantiques to tone it down. Their a match made in heaven, I think.

4. lobster When I see the Lobster I instantly think cupcake shop, and who doesn't love a cupcake? Hmm, now I'm craving a red velvet...

5. archer I love Archer because it is dainty and professional all at the same time and makes me feel like I can take on anything. Literally, if i had the option to put that font on anything and everything I would do it, even though I know I shouldn't. I have some sort of gravitational pull towards Archer. I should probably name a new pet Archer.

6. buttermilk by Jessica Hische is one of those fonts that inspires me to keep designing. Her fonts are so beautiful that they can stand on their own as a piece of artwork. This font pretty much makes me all around happy. 

do you have any fave fonts?

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