Friday, February 11, 2011

Meet Me On The Rooftop: Overhang

Welcome to the next in our rooftop series. In the photo below, taken by our talented friend and event photographer Joel Gutowsky, you'll see lanterns, lights, and hearts. We'd like to show you how we made this possible, in a really affordable way!

The Structure:

It's a simple structure made out of very available supplies: (2) 6' Ladders, (2) 2x4"-16' boards, and a few screw in hooks. While you may not have 2 ladders at your disposal, chances are you know where to borrow a couple for the night. The wood cost about $10 and a small package of screw in hooks (we used 12) for about $4. We spread the ladders apart about 14 feet and laid the boards side by side across the tops of the ladders with a little middle spacing (see the complex illustration for visual reference).

Stuff to hang:

While you may want to hang something else, we chose oblong box lanterns that we got from World Market (buy online here)

String lights, also from World Market (buy online here)

And these handmade cardboard tri-heart ornaments hung from the boards with simple sewing thread...colors optional :) To save time and to get a "fuzzy" look on the heart borders, I used a dremel, but a standard box cutter could also be used.

We hope you liked this little how-to portion. Check back tomorrow for the next step!
-Your Digital Lumberjack

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